Anthologies featuring Jennifer A. McGowan

Here is a list of poetry anthologies featuring Jennifer's poems.

Still Lives with Apocalypse by Jennifer A. McGowan Still Lives with Apocalypse is another award winning pamphlet of poems.
With Paper for Feet by Jennifer A. McGowan

Jennifer's collection, With Paper for Feet, is available from the sterling Arachne Press, With Paper For Feet makes the historical personal, and old stories new.

The Weight of Coming Home by Jennifer A. McGowan The Weight of Coming Home is a prize winning collection of Jennifer's poems.
Sounding by Jennifer A. McGowan Sounding is Jennifer's second book of poetry.

The Very Best of 52 Jennifer was part of Jo Bell's 52 initiative, whereby she encouraged poets to write a poem a week to her prompts. The motto was "Start now. Keep going."

52 led to an incredible "ecology of poets" (Jo's words), many friendships, and an anthology, in which Jennifer appears. Buy "The Very Best of 52: A Poem for every week of the year" from Nine Arches Press

The Other Side of Sleep; cover design copyright Zoe Lee The Other Side of Sleep is an anthology of poems published by Arachne Press featuring 25 poems that break the rules.
Foreign and Far Away Foreign and Far Away is a collection of literary works by expats with proceeds going to Book Aid International
Birchsong - Poetry Centered In Vermont Jennifer's poems feature in a new anthology called Birchsong - Poetry Centered In Vermont.
The Moment of Change Jennifer also features in The Moment of Change which is an anthology of feminist speculative fiction poetry.
Life in Captivity Jennifer's first books of poems, Life in Captivity , is available from Amazon US for $12 (approx. £7.34) plus shipping and directly from Finishing Line Press.